Empowering Your Labs and Biopharmaceutical Workshops with
QUALIA Containment Technologies

BSL-3 (Ag)
1 st

Collaborative Design and
Construction of China’s First BSL3-Ag Large Animal Room.

BSL-3 Laboratories
0 +

Provided Core Services to 70+ Global BSL3 Laboratories & Vaccine Production Workshops.

GMP Facilities
140 +

A Global Network of 210+ Clients, Empowered by Strategic Collaborative Partnerships.

Bio-safety Equipment
3000 +

Provided over 1800 APR Doors, 930 Mist Showers, 850 BIBO, and 400 VHP Passboxes.

QUALIA's Timeline

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Advanced R&D

Leading-edge products developed by a global team of experts.

Trusted Brand

Long-standing relationships with a loyal customer base in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Expertise in Protection

Extensive experience with P3, P4 lab standards and OEB industry regulations.

One-stop Solution

Complete turnkey projects for clean rooms and associated equipment.

Capacity of QUALIA


Air Series

Bag in Bag out
In Situ Filtration System

ISO Series

Test Isolators
OEB4/5 Isolator
Biosafety Isolator

Lock Series

Vacu-Pass Cable Port
Bio-safety lsolation Damper
Mechanical Seal APR Doors
Pneumatic Seal APR Doors

Module Laboratory

BSL-3/4 Module Laboratory
Mobile Module Laboratory

Pass Series

Bio-Safety Hood Chamber
Biosafety Dunk Tank
VHP Pass Box
Biosafety Pass Box

Shower Series

Air Shower
Mist Shower
Chemical Shower
Water Shower

Lock Series

VHP Robot
VHP Generator Type I
VHP Generator Type II III

Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment
In Situ Pipeline HEPA

Track Record

Explore our Gallery of Triumphs: Dive into our selection of recent success projects, where our focused approach and expertise have led to successful outcomes for our clients. Each case is a testament to our commitment to providing solid and effective solutions.

Brands we've worked with

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Qualia Production Basement


QUALIA is comprised of a dedicated ensemble of 42 experts in the realms of pharmaceutical and biosecurity engineering. Our profound expertise encompasses design, construction, management, alongside both local and global consulting and validation services. We are steadfast in delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to biosecurity clean system engineering. Our portfolio includes a diverse assortment of products such as purification devices, biosecurity arrangements, HVAC systems, automation systems, validation services, process apparatus, and sterile piping. We take pride in our ability to devise proprietary products and systems that specifically cater to the nuanced demands of our clientele in the pharmaceutical and biosecurity industries.

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